Speedpaint. Witch-doctor House

Hi there!

This is a speedpaint of a dragon skull house, made for a competition + 6 simple tips on how to create a cool concept.

6 simple steps to create a cool concept:

1. Use an ‘inkblots’ to search for ideas. When I was a child I used to gaze at the passing clouds. They looked like ships, animals and palaces. The same is true for inkblots.
Just watch. It helps to develop imagination.



2. Reflect the image horizontally to see the composition flaws.



3. Place the main elements according to the rule of thirds.


4. Try a few different color harmonies. This will help you to find the one that appeals to you.

5. Variety is cool. Use different textures and details: rough and smooth, small scale and large scale, etc. This will breathe life into the picture.


6. Use the weather conditions (snow, wind, rain, bright sun) to create a certain mood that would enrich the picture.


Thanks for watching!

Music: Fluidscape by Kevin MacLeod (cc by 4.0)

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